Burundi project

Our focus is to keep the data updated on a regular basis, which would then help organisations leverage the information to improve their efficiencies.

We kicked off our work in Burundi, since most of our team has had experience working in the country and understands the demographics and challenges better.


  1. Form a network of key experts from different provinces of Burundi
  2. The experts then scope their provinces and collect information about different organisations working in the field
  3. Our team consolidates  and standardises this data collected through the network
  4. Analyse and share the aggregated data

As our goal is to help organisations maximise their impact so that the communities and the people reap the benefits of the great work that is already being done, we wish to keep our data public.

If you do come across any project/organisation that we haven't mentioned yet, then do let us know by filling the details  HERE and we will include it for everyone.


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Expand the database to better see data and the grouping categories

Organizations operating in the field

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