Our solution

A regularly-updated dataset providing a birds-eye view as well as an on-field-level organisational information of the happenings on the ground.

Our approach

Inspired by the basic format of the OCHA 4W model - who does what, where and when, we consolidate information about different active organisations. This data would then be transformed and represented in multiple user-friendly formats.

We believe that this information would be useful for strategic decision-making especially:

  • if you would like to get an overview at a regional level
  • if you are planning to expand to a new geographical area
  • if you would like to collaborate with other organisations
  • if you would like to utilise and build on the work done by others (appropriate for the ones who don't want to reinvent the wheel)
  • if you are working on scoping projects

.. and many more. We are in the continuous process of validating different use-cases with multiple actors working in relevant sectors.

The structure and the information are constantly evolving. We completely acknowledge that our data would never be perfect, and therefore we are working very hard to keep up the standards with our limited resources. However, we assure you that it would have enough precision to make decisions.

We suggest trying out the basic version available on the webpage and then getting in touch with us at connect@fieldsdata.org . We can talk and work out appropriate datasets that would suit your precise needs.

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