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Having worked in the humanitarian and development sectors for many years, we could notice gaps in the ways organisations functioned, especially how they communicated with each other. We understood that getting ground-level information was difficult to collect for many organisations, let alone share the findings with other entities and even in some cases, sharing within the organisation. Projects have been putting in efforts day in and day out, however, their knowledge doesn’t seem to get leveraged and many organisations seem to be engrossed in fighting it out alone. This lack of sharing directly impacts the communities and as a lot of resources and efforts seem to be lost in reinventing the wheel.

Over multiple coffee/beverage conversations, we got together and decided to do something about it. Inspired by OCHA’s 4W framework, we decided to utilise our on-field network to scope the regions and consolidate the information which would be made available for everyone to see. We hope, with this information, organisations can collaborate with existing projects and rapidly scale-up their social impact.

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Who are we?
We are a non-profit organisation that collects information about ground-level organisations working in the humanitarian and developmental sectors
What kind of information do we collect?
Information on the different interventions of public and private non-profit organisations (NGOs, academic institutions, multilateral entities) aligned with the 4W framework (who does what, where and when) proposed by OCHA.
What do we mean by intervention?
It is not a project. It is not a program. It is not a service. It is the set of activities that an organisation carries out in a given region in relation to a specific sector.
What kind of sectors have we used?
We have used those sectors most commonly used by the humanitarian community thanks to the work of clusters/groups. We have subsequently adapted this information to the IATI standard.



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